Fun, engaging, inspiring, and transformational.

best of all, it’s about you.

Become a bigger, better, more powerful you during the most important moments of your life. Doesn’t that sound like something you’d like? I know I would! That’s why I wrote it.

“As someone who has read many books recently on general self-improvement and specifically on dealing with fear and self-image, I think your book is the best thing I’ve read in terms of practical advice on things you can do / steps you can take, to move forward. Good job man.”
CEO of a multi-million dollar company

Your audiobook is absolutely brilliant. It’s the BEST AUDIOBOOK 
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The best Kindle book you can give for Christmas is Roger Haskett’s 1st book. Send it as a gift to important people to you. It is THE BEST READ of 2018.
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Thought Provoking and Boldly Written - So impressed with the sage advice given in this thoughtful book. Lots to ponder about oneself.
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If any of the following describes you, consider getting this book:

  • You understand the gap between the me you are and the me you want to be. And you (desperately) want to close that gap

  • You like challenging books that are surprisingly fun

  • You think working on yourself is a good use of your time

  • You are tired of seeing more wanting than doing in your life

  • You want to get better at owning your process, owning your presence and owning the room

  • You would like to develop more internal power so that you can be - more easily and with less effort -the me you want to be.

Do NOT get this book if: 

·      You are totally satisfied with who you are now. Nice place to be! 

·      You see no room for internal growth. Sad place to be.


If you want the most immersive experience GET THE AUDIOBOOK! I narrate it - I’m an actor and a speaker after all! I recommend the audiobook. Really.

If you want more control or love physical notes.


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reader (and listener) reviews:

Roger takes learning from a book and makes it enjoyable and educational. Not only did I want to read and move forward to expand my life, I also had the opportunity to reflect and practice with each chapter and exercise. The format really forced me to pay attention so I could gather an ungodly amount of information that helped me examine my life and my choices. Thanks, Roger for impacting my personal growth and giving me guidance without judgment. This is a must read to anyone who wants to expand their life or for everyone to help move beyond their own boundaries and fears.
— Risha Walden, Amazon Customer
It has led to our BEST discussions in a long time as a team
— Mark deMedeiros, First West Credit Union
I read your TRULY AMAZING book, TWICE in fact!  So fascinating! It’s amazing to see your journey and how far you have come.  I am so impressed and inspired...  It is truly remarkable.
— Cynthia Pang, Professional Institute of the Public Services of Canada
I enjoyed this book. It takes an educational and lighthearted approach to “Roger’s Rules” - 13 chapters about how you can think differently about how you view fear, stress and ways to change your reality. Easy to read and inspirational, it was perfectly timed to help me think differently about an upcoming workshop I was leading. I definitely recommend it.
— Melissa Breker, Amazon Customer
I love personal growth books, but most of them are written in logical, linear ways. Here Roger Haskett uses a wide variety of ways to engage the reader from stories, scenes from a movie, quizzes, footnotes, charts, fill-in-blanks, a glossary of terms, and a useful summary at the end. If you love the topic of empowerment and want it delivered to you in a creative way, this is for you!
— Carla Reiger, Amazon Customer
Touching, funny and powerful
— Caroline Proulx, Government of Canada